Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Business: Fantasy Basketball League Spectacular

On March 31st, The Business was down three members, with Alex Koll, Chris Garcia, and Bucky Sinister all working elsewhere. To address the lack of manpower, we invited all of the members of the about-to-conclude SF Comedians Fantasy League to perform. We welcomed Jeff Cleary, Joey Devine, Eliot Langford, Julien Rodriguez, Chris Remmers, and the great W. Kamau Bell, along with Businessman and host, Sean Keane.

Some comics discussed basketball extensively, both their fantasy teams' generally woeful performances or the woeful performances of their favorite team, if that team was the Golden State Warriors. Joey Devine told a touching story about receiving the Most Inspirational Player Award at Tim Hardaway's basketball camp, an honor usually given to a kid with a disability or a fatal disease. Joey was neither; he was simply terrible at basketball, and prone to skipping wind sprints in order to sneak upstairs and eat hamburgers.

Eliot Langford mentioned the disappointing Warriors, before closing his set with a cover of Billy Joel's "Movin' Out." Julien Rodriguez told us why white people have no excuse for homelessness, Jeff Cleary told heartwarming stories about abusive Bostonian fathers, and Chris Remmers tried to explain the appeal of the Texas Rodeo. W. Kamau Bell took us home with the set that was as impressive as his last-place fantasy team was dismal.

Adding to the excitement and general basketball theme was comedian Joe Tobin, working as a sideline reporter. After every comic finished their set and left the stage, he would speak with Tobin, who asked hard-hitting questions about their performance. He asked Joey, "I noticed you went to your notes after six minutes. What was going on with that?" Tobin wondered if Langford was trying to rub it in to the other comics on the bill by talking about his successful relationship. Overall, Tobin and the rest of the comics left it all out on the floor that night, giving 110%, and making the first-ever basketball-themed Business show a slam dunk!

Monday, January 18, 2010

SF Sketchfest!

SF Sketchfest is underway, and that means soon The Business will be too! Our two Sketchfest shows are this week: Thursday the 21st and Friday the 22nd! Thursday will most resemble a normal Business show, and Friday will find us sharing the bill with some lovely out of town sketch groups who will not disappoint.

That being said, Thursday will also mark the return of Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits to The Business, and possibly some fantastic drop-in guests. If you came to our New Year's Eve Eve show, you know we were joined by Moshe Kasher and Todd Barry, and it was a hell of a show. You can get tickets here:


If you come to one of our Sketchfest shows, we will give you a coupon for FREE admission* to another Business show! You can't lose!

*Fine Print:
Free admission coupon redeemable to any normal Business show happening in February 2010 or beyond. Not applicable to either of our Sketchfest shows. Normal Business 2-For-1 Coupons will not be accepted for the SF Sketchfest shows either. Also, we reserve the right to deny admission to patrons arriving at The Business with fecal matter in their hands, in any type of Tupperware container or inside a boot. Just sayin.