Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HBS Round 2 Admit weekend

I attended Round 2 Admit weekend this past week. Definitely a great experience and the first time my wife has seen the area. Overall very enjoyable, but also quite exhausting. The weekend reaffirmed one thing most b-school applicants already know; that you choose what you want to get out of the experience between the three major themes of academic, social, and professional resources. In other words, how much you will care about your classes, how much you will be partying, and how much you will be searching for a job. It is obvious that most people will prioritize their personal objectives quite differently. Many of the students are at different stages of their lives, so it's natural to have different priorities. Older married students will not come in to school with the same mindset as many of the younger single students. International students may also view their objectives differently (as a pattern, not as a stereotype).

I also saw a common theme of "I've worked 100+ hours a week for the past 2 years and now I'm going to enjoy my two years." With an unspoken caveat that the person expects to return to a 100+ work week after school. Given these circumstances, it's no wonder 2 years at business school is seen as a break for some. Obviously these were just some of the students, and does not represent the whole class. But coming from the military, I found these kinds of circumstances rather intriguing.

I also met a few HBS/Stanford admits trying to decide between schools. So far of the two I've kept in touch with, they have split their decision. The two schools offer such a different lifestyle and fit that it really comes down to the one's personality and goals. But then again, this is the case with most schools.

One final note I've learned... finding housing near campus that allows a dog appears more difficult than getting into HBS in the first place!

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